ATC Materials

Development of material processing machines.


Testings, analysis and integration design of Envelope Tracking Technology. Knowledge of high speed data transmission; Working with the major cell phone companies. Board level testing on newest products.

Electric Torque Machines

PCB design; Motor efficiency testing, encoder design, control board, and data analysis

Test setup, design, and analysis was completed for Electric Torque Machines (ETM) motors. ETM is cutting edge in efficient motor design. In depth knowledge of motor controls and power electronics.

Custom Bike Pedals

3D rendering; engineering consulting

Helped in the design and 3D modeling of Sedona’s coolest bike pedals. Estimated to be released to the public in the coming year.

Flagstaff Local Works

Leader in creating Flagstaff’s first community workshop

Flagstaff Local Workshop ( would be a place where people could design, build and create their ideas. It would provide businesses or individuals the space, tools and machines to work on whatever they wish. Here are the following benefits:

– Access to space and machines that wouldn’t normally be available (welding, metal working, wood working, electronic equipment )

– A community space for training and collaboration between DYIers.


New product design and prototype

A prototype design was created to demonstrate a new product line by AVdemonitics soon to be released. Circuit design, construction, and embedded software was needed to create the functional prototype

Sedona Energy Labs, Design Analysis

Structural analysis; Research into bearing and bushings design

A engineering analysis project was complete for Sedona Energy Labs. Sedona Energy Labs does two axis solar panel tracking systems to make the energy harvested per solar panel more efficient.

My Talking Dog

Initial concept design.

My Talking Dog is a wireless speaker that fits on your dog’s collar and lets your dog ‘talk’ to you.

Lab Temperature Monitor System

Complete product design and development

This system incorporates Ethernet connectivity and allows users to monitor, log multiple freezers temperatures. The system also allows for Email and SMS alerts, and local alarms to active if a freezer is out of temperature.

In car computer system

Full in car computer system. Windows backend with touch display, a FreeICE display frontend and custom software to sync your computer when you pull into the driveway.

Multi-touch monitor system.

A high power projector was projected through the back of velum paper. A USB camera was modified to input inferred light. Inferred light pen was designed and created, to be picked up by the camera system. Touchlib was used to detect blobs (pointer detection).

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